Built to the latest standards, with a luxurious and intimate atmosphere, which includes premium face and body treatments at affordable prices, as well as massage, sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi.

Closed bathroom

The spa is filled with the famous Kumanovo thermo-mineral water whose healing properties are widely known. According to various chemical tests and analyzes, this thermal water is in second place in quality in Europe, right after the famous Karlovy Vary. The water is suitable for the treatment of diseases of the nervous (neuroses, insomnia, mental and nervous exhaustion) and digestive (gastritis, kidney problems, duodenal ulcers, chronic inflammation of the colon), as well as for the treatment of gynecological problems, eczema. and various dermatitis. It is known that this water also regenerates the tissue, and rejuvenates the body. The pool covers an area of 50m2, has a state-of-the-art filtration system, and appropriate accessories.


Experience holistic recreation of body, mind and soul. The sauna strengthens immunity, stimulates circulation and improves lung capacity due to the expansion of blood vessels. An additional effect is detoxification, which occurs due to the rapid depletion of fluids from the body.

Steam room

The benefits of using the steam room are numerous: improved circulation, reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, hydration of the skin, relaxation of the joints, and strengthening of the immune system.